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Genius Villa’s

Our company extended perfect cooperation with Swiss based company Elektro Genius AG in the second project of residential character. Slope terrain of this residential complex makes our job more challenging in striving to fuse the terrain (nature) with the structure as being one body like bone and meat. We’ll keep you updated with development of…

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NITI Complex

Since October 2016, Ferizi + Ferizi Architects is in process of designing the 16storey mixed used (residential / business) building complex named “NITI”. Site plot lies in vicinity of Pristina city center, at the Mahalla e Muhagjereve neighborhood. Its positioning offers ideal place for living because quietness of surrounding and beautiful sight of the city…

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Office Containers – Under Construction

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Old water mill “Valavica” Over the centuries, the Mills were the main characteristic objects for Junik. Parts of the mill were also Valavicas, the main function of which was the processing of wool. Our office had the task of designing this Valavica. Today, Junik has only this one (from 15 of them), which today represents…

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